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Healthy living is forced down our throats at every turn (sometimes almost literally). With this obsession surrounding us all the time, the lesser known facts may be what we all need. A new view point or angle that can really rejuvenate our lives. Forget what you have heard and join me as I introduce you to the following tips for keeping a healthy body.


1. Meditation

Meditation may be one of the easiest ways to a healthy life. It’s a bit more than just sitting around and humming though. This exercise is about practicing your mind to be calm and clear, finding your higher power to get through the day in a serene manner. Doing meditation can help you control your stress level, lower your blood pressure and see everything in perspective.


2. Keep Stress at Bay

Being able to control your stress levels is a great skill to have, and something that all of us need to learn. Keeping a stress diary and documenting what triggers stress in you can help do that, while also being able to learn more about yourself. Having a to-do list written down will also have running around less and be more productive. This way you’ll get something done.


3. Get Away From The Hustle and Bustle of The Fast-Paced Life

Constantly being in a high gear can be detrimental to your own health. To disconnect yourself from that you can choose to lose yourself in nature, the different pace could help you slow down and take a breath. Go somewhere where there is total silence, so that you are only with your thoughts, which can even make you understand yourself better at the end of the day.


4. Stop, Drop and Roll

The old adage for a fire is a surprisingly good workout routine too! It combines pushups and rolls, so you know every muscle in your body will be burning and you will be sweating buckets. To make it more interactive you can let a buddy yell commands at you to, you guessed it, “Stop, Drop and Roll”. It is a great exercise for burning fat and working on that metabolism.


5. Low Protein Diet

Dangerous waste can build up in the body from eating too much protein. Recent studies have also found a linkage between certain cancers and too much protein, so a low protein diet would be the way to go. Taking this diet doesn’t mean that protein is entirely eliminated, just that your intake is regulated to about 40-60 grams, which is all that the average person needs to live healthily.


6. Break dancing

Break dancing may be of the few activities where you can burn calories and look cool while doing it. It will strengthen your core, while also putting some power in those arms and shoulder muscles. For motivation you can put on your favourite tune and try to keep up with the music as you go about your routine. Just put something soft on the ground so that your fall isn’t too hard.


7. Communicate in real-life

In between all of the emails and social media we sometimes forget about what it is to have real, quality human interaction. To make sure it’s part of your life you can limit the amount of communication you do through technology. This will force you to have more and more real conversations with people face to face. One meeting with a friend is after worth more than dozens of texts, right?


8. Practise Good Eating/Drinking Habits for Efficient Metabolism

A healthy body is pretty much determined by what goes in and what you put in is just as important as what you’re doing. Drinking a glass of ice cold water for instance can boost your metabolism and help you burn fat. Sipping some tea can do the same, as well as help trim that waistline. Eating organic food, though more expensive, can speed up your metabolism. Eating healthy every three hours and spreading your eating times will also increase the metabolism.


9. Stretching in the Morning

People should actually take inspiration from their cats and dogs in this department. After waking up from a long rest, you can do a couple of stretches to wake up your body while your mind is still catching up. Do some stretches before exercising too, as it gets the blood flowing and limbers you up. That way the likelihood of injuries are minimised and you can perform to your highest standard.


10. The 15-Minute Rule for Eating

You may feel like going for seconds. That meal was so delicious after all and you’re feeling up for more right now. Just wait 15 minutes though, enough time so that your stomach realizes if it is full or not.



Hope you enjoyed some of surprising tips for a healthy life that you may never have heard of. Maybe some could even have inspired you to start the year healthy

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